Proofreading tips: Survival strategies

Rules of conduct in the proofreading process

The promotion is a lengthy and arduous process. Anyone who does not adhere to certain conventions and unwritten rules gets quickly difficulties. This is certainly not just for a doctorate, but also for working in a “normal” employee. Below I have put together three tips one the dissertation process. I can report from personal experience that facilitate these three points to work with bosses, colleagues and businesses.

Always show willingness to cooperate with superiors

Although it is a relatively simple tip that I have in my three years of PhD studies repeatedly observed how not hold colleagues to this golden rule and run it repeatedly against the wall. Many students find it difficult to their high dependency, especially from professors to accept. The worst thing that can happen is to get through open resistance from grace. If you do not have the full support of the professors, the dissertation process can take longer according to my observation at least 6 months or fails in the worst case

Follow conventions

Graduate students together. Even though this is in reality is not always the case, develop at each chair unwritten rules that must be followed by everyone. This is not the case, we run the risk to be demarcated and get on the social side-lines. These unwritten rules can be, for example, times when you have to be in the office. Who is leaving the office early, with many colleagues from below?

Another proofreading rule states that are not in front of customers or colleagues, professors each other in the back. One of the main reasons for doctoral studies is a possible extension of the promotional period. Which professor loses likes his best horse in the stable? Although it might be difficult for many to do proofreading, not always to do their best, my advice is always higher jump over the bar. These high-performance athletes do eventually improve their world records as well. Everything else is a waste of resources.

Conclusion: For each department are different unwritten rules. Those who initially holds back a little and tried only to learn his new surroundings and colleagues know better will quickly see what he can do and what he can be better.

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